eBank Payment

Electronic Bank Payment offers you a seamless solution to Internet banking. Linking your preferred Enterprise Resource Planning system to your Internet banking, it bypasses multiple logins for individual payment. It streamlines your payment process by generating a single file that you can upload to you Internet banking system for payment processing. With Electronic Bank Payment you can save more time and increase efficiency - It is that easy



Make a paperless statement

eStatement allows you to cut down the time and cost spent when you post your account statements to your customers. By making the switch to electronic delivery, you can discover a better way to serve your customers and reduce the cost of paper-based mailings. Our E-Statement solution will enable you to send customers their statements along with personalized messages for a quicker response rate, guaranteed.



With e-Invoice, you now can. Get quicker results for much less by sending your invoice the minute it is generated.

Fully integrated with SunSystems, E-Invoice is a one-stop solution for your invoicing needs. Drop the manual processing method of individually generating the invoice and then posting them out. E-Invoice streamlines the process so that you can get quicker responses from your customers thanks to the instantaneous dissemination of their invoices


eUser Audit

When it is time for your annual audit, chances are there will be intense scrutiny placed on your access controls. SunSystems User Access Audit provides you with a solution that will help abate the stressed that comes with combing through pages and pages of data. It is an extensive user identity audit solution that ensures the compliance of necessary company mandates.

SunSystems User Access Audit is designed with efficiency in mind, with one click of a button watch as audit reports are generated so that you can analyse and act upon quickly.